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What we are good at?

Project Completion

Do not worry about your thesis, since you may have a second job. We write your thesis with high quality, by subject experts

Coding & Simulation

All types of Engineering simulations and coding performed, and results obtained as per project requirement.

Statistical Analytics

Various tools will be used to analyse your data and make valid interpretations and conclusions.

Data Visualization

In order to make informed decisions, you need to understand your data. We can visualize yours for you.

Why PhD AID?


PhD AID takes in your ideas and serves as an external mentor to brainstorm your ideas into a research model.


Taking help from an expert is an intelligent option to complete your research quickly. We are available to cater to your academic requirements.


Our services include Writing, Editing, Proof Reading, Plagiarism correction, Coding and Formatting.


Our team have the capability and skills to handle a wide range of subjects including Arts, Literature, Engineering, Management and Sciences.

Our Promises

We strive to sustain as a business by ensuring that we fulfil the promises made to our clients. Our clients are our utmost priority.

Client Satisfaction
Timely Delivery
Process Automation
High Quality
Low Cost
Client Confidentiality

About PhD AID?

  • PhD Aid has been providing reputed academic guidance for some time and has guided PhD scholars, Undergraduates, and Postgraduates around the world.

  • We not only support students and research scholars but also provide support to professionals and entrepreneurs by providing high-quality writing services and analytics.

  • Each and every client are important to us and we make sure that their requirements are understood by our writers and professionals in order to deliver a high-quality service to our clients.

  • We also ensure delivery within the given time. Our writers are equipped to handle unique and challenging topics and specialize in content and technical development.

  • Our researchers are qualified and experienced and include research analysts and Ph.D. holders in order to meet your academic requirement. We offer a wide range of services and support your research either partly or completely at a reasonable cost.

  • We make sure that your personal data and your academic data are kept private including your research, concepts, data, and documents.

  • Your research and documents will be kept confidential and will be used strictly for your research purposes.

  • We will never reuse your research work in the future since the copyright of the work will be yours once you complete your payment.

  • We obtain a Non-Disclosure Agreement from our researchers and writers who will be working on your project, so you don't need to worry about reuse of your documents.

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